Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We've moved!

No, our concerts are still at the Seldovia Rowing Club on the Old Boardwalk, but our artist and performance announcements have a new home at http://crazycrow.vox.com/. Please join us there to keep up to date with all our latest news.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Johnsmith to perform Monday, August 21

Johnsmith is one performer who doesn't wear hype well. His artistry speaks for itself. In fact, the idea of 'just being real' is a prominent theme throughout his music. And yet, to simply say that Johnsmith is a great singer/ songwriter would not be enough. In addition to his incomparable musical abilities and finely tuned songwriting skills, Johnsmith possesses the even rarer gift of being able to share his soul. That gift is the foundation on which everything else about him is built, and it comes shining through in every song he sings. The following lyrics from the title cut of his new CD, Break Me Open, are a perfect example:

Break me open, bust this dam
Let these waters flood the bottomland
Free my song to fall like rain upon the ocean
Lord here my prayer, break me open

Buddy Mondlock summed it up when he said of Johnsmith, "I feel like every time one of [Johnsmith's] songs gets heard a little healing happens to the world."

Johnsmith was born in Dewitt, Iowa, where he shared his small town mid-western life (and house) with his two parents, and nine brothers and sisters. The experience of growing up in such a large family nurtured within him a keen awareness of the value of community, and, at the same time, the absolute necessity of solitude. Johnsmith commented recently, "Everybody would go out to play sometimes, and I would go sit in the rocking chair and just make up songs and sing them." What he didn't know then is that those days would be the beginning of a lifelong journey.

For the past twenty years Johsmith has been sharing his music with audiences all across the United States, and abroad. Driving some 50,000 miles to play over 150 dates each year, he has become a favorite at coffee houses, colleges, and house concerts alike. In addition to being a past winner of the Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk award, Johnsmith has released four CDs to rave reviews from trade publications such as Dirty Linen, Performing Songwriter, and Sing Out! Magazines. He has also served as a staff songwriter for the WrenSong Music Group in Nashville.

But again, accolades, competitions and quotas are not what motivate Johnsmith. Music is simply his gift, and he feels compelled to share it. That means more than all the hype, any day.

Showtime: 7:30 PM on Monday, August 21
Come for music and our famous desserts.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

July 8: Nancy Anderson blues guitar

Nancy Anderson is a gifted musician who loves sharing a bit of herself through the music that inspires her. Yet to really know and understand Nancy requires time spent with her. Some of us have been blessed to do just that.

Meeting Nancy for the first time is like re-aquainting yourself with a long, lost friend. She has that rare ability to make you feel as if you have known her all your life. It is made all the more possible by her frank honesty and wit which lights your day and makes you smile.

Join us at 8 pm for concert and dessert at the Seldovia Rowing Club. Admission $15; reservations requested.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Tom Begich Memorial Day Weekend

Tom Begich in concert-03Memorial Day Weekend presents the first of this summer's Crazy Crow Concerts.
Tom Begich, Alaska's own 'Cool Blue Light", will perform.
“It’s the words that tell the story.” That is Tom Begich. The bohemian son of a family steeped in Alaska politics and the product of a life of music, Tom’s music resonates with stories and the conflicts of the human condition.

Part of the Alaska music scene in the early 1980’s, Tom dropped out and tuned in to the world of politics and business for a decade before finding his way back to local coffee shops, street corners, and music festivals. Since returning to performing and recording, Tom has opened for recording artists Stephen Fearing, Don Morrell, Paul Geremia, and Kim Richey. Tom also hosted a monthly Songwriter’s Showcase in his hometown of Anchorage for three years and has performed live on numerous radio stations and on the nationally syndicated radio show “West Coast Live” (October 1999).

Tom has released four CDs, "Such a World" in 1997, "Hotel Metropol" in 1999, and “Albuquerque Road” in 2001. His latest CD, “Cool Blue Light”, was released November 20, 2004 and has already garnered favorable reviews.

Tom Begich in concert-07
Tom continues to play in Alaska and small venues throughout the country. Citing musicians as different as Taj Mahal, Harry Chapin, and Christopher Parkening as influences, Tom combines an easy picking style with blues rhythms and storytelling skill to create a musical montage that is always interesting to the ear. His music includes a wide-variety of music ranging from acoustic instrumentals to blues and folk rock. A musician with a wholly original sound, Tom Begich will keep you humming for more long after he’s done.

Join us on Saturday, May 27 at 7:30 pm for the concert and dessert.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

October 1: Dan McElrath, the Piano Man

Dan McElrath, alias, the Piano Man, is one of Alaska's finest musicians and technicians.

He is the owner and operator of Alaskan Piano Services which began in 1987 and has been going strong ever since. Dan attained a B.A. from the Furman School of Music in 1985 and was Music Director of Grace Brethern Church and Grace Christian School. He performs at many Alaskan venues and has been a member of the band." St. John's In". His repetoire includes many types of piano music from gospel to jazz, including many of orginal tunes and compoistions. Many know Dan as the nice man who tunes their piano. Indeed, Dan is one of Alaska's most well thought of technical wizards. He currently does all of the piano tuning for the Alaska Center for Performing Arts and has traveled all over the state, to all points between Seattle to Bethel and Fairbanks. Schools, churches and even hotels contact Dan when they would like to have a great sounding piano.
Crazy Crow is proud to present in concert.. Dan the Piano Man!!
Oct. 1, at 7:00 P.M.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

July 29: Patric D'Eimon (Doyle)

Patric D'Eimon has traveled to Seldovia to play music for many years. In the past, he has entertained as a one-man band, a rock and roll and easy listening artist. Recently Patric's own beautiful songs and compositions have become his passion. He is the owner and operator of A Street Recording Studios, is active in the Anchorage Folk and Popular Music world and is a champion of live music for all of us.

July 16: Terry McCoy and Dave Millen

Tery McCoy and Dave Millen perform at Crazy Crow
For those who relish the flavor of Ireland and Scotland in music, this musical evening was a rare treat. Terry McCoy, vocalist and mistress of whistles flutes and the bodran and guitar master and vocalist, Dave Millen, transformed the Rowing Club into ancient Ireland and Scotland for an evening of pure delight. Terry's absolutely beautiful soprano voice enchanted and captivated us, and her spirited renditions of many familiar Irish tunes were sung in the Irish tongue. Dave Millen's humor and skill of accompaniment made the evening seem an evening of play for all. As far as we were concerned the enchantment is permanent.

July 4: Paul Gerardi Poetry and Contemporary Folk Concert

In February of 1992 while working as a radio traffic reporter, Paul Gerardi was flying in a small aircraft that was hit by another small plane. As he watched the other plane approach, there was a timeless space where he thought his physical life was to end. Even though there was a mid-air collision and both planes landed safely, he was forever changed. Following the crash he began to sing and write songs that bring joy to his life and the lives of others. A sunny evening allowed for an outdoor set of uplifting songs that were occasionally interrupted by the calling of eagles and the summer sounds of the Seldovia Slough. True beauty abounded!! Paul and his family now live in Florida, but travel to many interesting places to practice their arts of guitar, crafts and Reiki.

June 21: Radoslav Lorkovic in Classical Concert

Radoslav Lorkovic plays in concert
The premier performance of Crazy Crow Productions featured pianist Radoslav Lorkovic. Most Seldovians know Rad as a dynamite boogie woogie pianist and accordion player, and a fun fellow to have in the community from time to time In fact Rad has been playing in Seldovia since 1999 and was Seldovia Arts Council's first piano performance. Nonetheless, many did not fully realize his skill as a classical pianist. Both of his Croatian Grandmothers were concert pianists and even though Rad took a tour of rock and roll, slide piano and spicy Cajun tunes before returning to his classical roots, he easily gave an inspired and elegant performance of the beautiful and mysterious classics. The evening was graced by pieces from Mozart and Bach as well as many of Radoslav's own new compositions and pieces by Dave Brubeck and Professor Longhair. Long time friends from Seldovia loved the change of pace.

For the Artist

If you are interested in performing for Crazy Crow Concerts you can apply to Susan Mumma by telephone or by email. You will need to provide a CD or references. In exchange for your performance (of about one hour ) you will recieve airfare from Homer and a wonderful place to stay while you are here. A fee will be charged for the event inorder to cover flight expenses.

Mail information to: Susan Mumma, Box 41, Seldovia, Alaska 99663
or call 907-234-7614
or email crazy.crow.productions@gmail.com.

About Crazy Crow Productions

Susan Mumma serves dessert at a Crazy Crow concert
Two or three times each month Crazy Crow Productions will present intimate concerts featuring acoustic musicians. The cozy setting with a beautiful view will spotlight new and emerging artists as well as those familiar to the concert scene. A tasty choice of fanciful dessert and a hot or cold beverage will be included in the event's cost.